Our Mission: Reducing STI’s and Unplanned Pregnancies


When things get up close and personal, the rule is always better safe than sorry.

When used correctly, condoms are your best defence against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They are also a highly effective contraceptive.

steps :

  • Open the condom packet using the perforated side, and make sure not to rip the condom.
  • Check that it is the right way – it should look like a hat and be able to be rolled down.
  • Squeeze the top of the condom to get any air out.
  • Place it on the tip of the penis and roll it down to the base.
  • Make sure to not double up on condoms or use oil based lubricants as this can tear the condom.
  • After sex, but before pulling out, hold the condom at the base.
  • Then pull out whilst holding the condom in place.
  • When you are taking off the condom, hold the condom from the base of the penis and pull it off without spilling the semen.
  • Tie it in a knot and dispose of it in the bin.
  • If the condom comes off during sex, make sure to put on a new one.
  • If the condom breaks you can go to a sexual health clinic, GP or a pharmacy to get emergency contraception and tested for STI’ s.


  • Don’t store condoms near heat, in your back pocket or in your purse/wallet because they can get damaged
  • Check the expiry date on the condom and the kitemark and/or CE mark is present


Lube is gel or cream that should be used with condoms to prevent them tearing or breaking. It also makes sex much more comfortable and fun for both partners by preventing friction and is great when used for foreplay too. It should always be water based because oil can cause condoms to break really quickly so you should only use lubes designed for sex like the ones provided on the C-Card scheme.

Put lube on the outside of a condom after you’ve put it on and then put some more on your partner’s genitals or anus to make everything more enjoyable for both of you.


Dams are a square of latex used to protect you against sexually transmitted infections when you’re having oral sex. Place the dam over the area you want to lick (vagina, clitoris, anus) and off you go!

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